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Is Self-Insuring Long-Term Care a Viable Option?

Nick Gullett

Hybrid LTC policies can minimize the financial risk and familial consequences associated with self-insuring. Plus, they allow you to earmark off a portion of your clients' portfolio to protect the rest.

What’s The Best Care Planning Solution?

Alecia Barnette

It seems like every day the question is asked by financial professionals…“What’s the best care planning solution?” And while it’d be nice to give an absolute answer, the optimal solution varies from client to client.

Long-Term Care For Younger Clients

Alecia Barnette

Alecia breaks down a unique concept called "layering" for younger clients interested in protecting themselves from LTC events before it's too late (and more expensive).

Hybrid Long-Term Care: A New Perspective

Nick Gullett

Many agents believe there’s no place in their current practice for long-term care (LTC) insurance. This can be attributed to a variety of factors.

6 Ways To Improve Your Closing Rates For Long-Term Care Insurance

Steve Cain

To improve your closing rates with LTC insurance policies, start with re-thinking your approach.

Why Care Planning Is Vital to a Financial Professional’s Business

Alecia Barnette

Care planning solutions are often overlooked by financial professionals for several reasons. Here’s why making care planning a core offering in your practice can be vital to your future success.

Care Planning: A Personal Perspective

J. Wesley Knowles

One of FIG's own sheds light on his personal experience and shows why proper care planning can be so vital in a client's plan.

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